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Rebecca Black


Angels on my Shoulder.


I feel I often have angels on my shoulder.

When I was younger I would search for proof

by visiting

Spiritualist churches

In the hope I’d find some answers.


Today it is different.

Today it is the knowledge

that there are no coincidences.


My angels are people that I have loved

                      and thought I'd lost
                      When their physical bodies left the earth.


I don’t see them, but I hear them.

Sometimes through pieces of music

that I’ve known they’ve loved

that have suddenly arrived at a time

when it was so meaningful

For me to hear them.


It could be a letter I’ve found

That I thought might be lost

And I remember them.


There could be a picture or a conversation.


Selfishly I mainly feel my angels

when I have struggled through

A difficult moment in my life


When I have overcome

And I stop and allow myself time to reflect

I know whose wisdom as guided me.

Even during those moments of struggle

I feel whose spirits are helping me through.


I thank them too as I follow my path.

My Angels keep me strong as long

as I let those moments

into my life

Where in my mind, for fact

There are no coincidences.



Copyright Rebecca Black 2013. Published with permission.

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