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Nadine Platt

Three Poems




Gladiator, yet another day

Gladiator, yet another chance.

Muscles, sweat, stroke of trident -- be precise!

You and lions- face to face!


Tied and thirsty - everything’s at stake

Wrong decision - and decided fate

Any fear - our of your way!

You are hero - yet another day!


Hungry people – “circuses and bread”

Laughing Caesar-all his conscious fled!

Thumb goes down - killed another man.

Gladiator - you’ve survived again!


By Nadine Platt. 2005.




Surfing Rhapsody


Grey, Dark and Light

Raging fierce waves

Smash, crush to smithereens

Of sharp dazzling white.


Men, courageous and sinewy

Twisted bodies in pirouettes spinning.

Trying to catch their dreams

In flight with surfing rhapsody.


Waves, but in the sky

Souls…play, laugh and fly,

Fall freely down,

Never to crash or to die.


Black, Navy, White

Why?-They will never reply.


By Nadine Platt 2008.




Ballet Inside and Out


(Dedicated to Stephen
Petronio’s Ballet Theatre, to his dancers and musicians).



Bundle of muscles in the air

Butterflies, dragonflies, lotuses

Choir’s angelicus voices

Supporting intangible bodies.


Sprawled disjointed joints

Wrapped in tattered clothes

Brazen medieval music

Piercing emotions of souls.


Audience watching in silence

Each one entangled with dancers

Brought to the world a presence

Of Love, Romance and Memories.


Immersed in subconscious reality

Sensating waft of the Universe

Submerged…- but awakened suddenly,

By the storm of applause.





By Nadine Platt 2008




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