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Three Wishes


I’m the fairy of life

Come to grant you three wishes,

Think, careful, think hard,

Dig deep, life’s wonderfully delicious.


Something pops n your head,

Oooh to be a stone lighter,

But if I click my fingers now

Would your life actually be brighter?


Holidays, cocktails, lying by the pool,

Buy the latest gadget telly,

Eat our more, damn, lost my last wish

As I look down at my belly!


Oooh to have ‘her’ right now

That girl with a great bust,

But what happens then?

After that moment of lust.


A big house? A fast car?

Roof down, shades, cool guy.

But to get where faster?

And exactly why?


I’m the fairy of life

Come to sprinkle some magic,

Be careful what you wish for

Lives may become tragic.


Health, Wealth and happiness

Throw me that easy cliché,

Look deep inside, think what fills you,

What’s important to you each day?


Do you wish for more money?

Would that stress free your life?

More luxuries, possessions

How much stuff do we need? It tends to bring strife.


What we want, what we need,

And are they the same?

We can’t take it with us

So what’s there to gain?


Busy, buzzing about

Chasing that money,

Whilst missing our blessings,

Life’s God given honey.


As the fairy of life

I see your talents, start giving,

Steer to that high on life feeling

They you’ll really start living.


I’m the fairy of life

Come to grant you three wishes,

Make a difference in a good way

Start with ‘love’, ‘hugs’ n ‘kisses’




15th May 2013 Copyright Kerry Ambler.




Unconditional Love


Amazing love, an awesome love,

One and only, like no other.

Your giving love, a living love

Your safe hands hold and cover.


Never ending love, a mending love,

Your spirit fills me, I’m your vessel,

Your healing love, consuming love,

I feel its warmth so special.


Washing love, cleansing love,

Incredible I must admit,

I really feel your forgiving love,

Even though I don’t deserve it.


Your timing Lord we sometimes query,

In your time Lord, not ‘ours’,

You never give up on us

Of us you never tire.


Your wondrous love, your caring love,

You give it all to me,

Your peaceful love, believing love,

Your love’s the essential key.




Copyright Kezzabelle 2013.

Published by permission of the author.




It Makes Me Wanna Chunder


Copy, paste and post if you love your mum,

Copy, paste and post if your kids are your world

This nauseating drivel in my face, enough!

Threats, guilt trips attached to toe the line

It does my head in, this cheesy guff!



I try to stop this lumpy cough from emerging,

Need to calmly move on cos it riles me

Stop myself from making a sarcastic response,

Remember it’s just a place to contact old mates occasionally.



Copy, paste and post if you think this animal should be saved,

Copy, paste and post these atrocities in some far off place,

WHY?! What good will it do? Just to make you feel better?!

If you want to make a difference write your M.P. a letter,

Protest, march, donate cash to the cause,

Just don’t copy, paste n post on facebook anymore.



ALERT, I need some farm space and crops on this game, join!

ALERT, I need a princess to get ahead, come join me and play!

WHY?! So you can spend more endless wasted hours on this non existent rubbish today?

Surely there must be something more inspiring you can do?

Talk to a real person, laugh, dance, sing, write, run, read, paint, wank, pooh!

Please give me a break

ANYTHING other than twatting faceache,




5TH June 2013 Copyright Kerry Ambler



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