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    Here are some simple and easy ideas...Smoothies Everyone has heard that it is a good idea to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Smoothies are good choice for the active individual and provide a quick way to eat a nutrient packed meal.Make sure to use a high quality salad dressing to avoid poor quality fats and additives. It is a good idea to make your own using oils such as olive oil as a base. Add a little vinegar (apple, rice, red wine, balsamic, etc), spices, citrus juice, or nut butter for an instant, healthy dressing!

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    Damage to the nerves result in people experiencing a burning pain or losing feeling in a part of the body. This is known as diabetic neuropathy. One of the areas where this occurs is in the feet. Usually there is not enough of a blood supply to this area which can result in tissue damage and loss of sensation.However there are certain things that people can do in order to ensure that their feet remain in a good condition.Check your feet It is important to examine your feet on a daily basis. Because there can be a loss of feeling in the feet, one might not realise that things such as blisters have formed. If left unattended this can worsen and result in ulcers. If these are not treated there can become infected which would mean a trip to the hospital and in very extreme cases amputation.

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    Ironically there are also a number of "healthy" foods that you must limit your intake of as these could further inhibit the production of the thyroid hormones, resulting to goiter, an unsightly bump that develops on the neck area. The list would include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard greens, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, radish, pear, strawberry, and peach. If you cannot avoid these foods, it would be wise not to eat them raw but to cook them instead.

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    In the case that you have suffered trauma to any of your finger or toenails, bruising may be imminent under the nail. Once you have a bruised toenail, there may be the hazard of losing your nail or incurring more pain when wearing shoes. Some simple tricks can help protect your bruised nail.Protection for Your Bruised Toenail For some, it may be that simple pressure of regular-type shoes can cause pain, and switching to an open toed shoe or a shoe of a larger size can help prevent the pressure that can be causing continuous pain of a bruised toe nail.

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    Soul is what you are - in essence. The human you is one small facet of a large spark emanating from the ray of Love. To integrate the Soul in your choices is to involve all facets of your spiritual essence in each decision and action. To involve the all-knowing self in all you do.Mind is the builder of worlds and realities. Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, when explaining how creation works said, "Spirit is the source, Mind is the builder, Physical is the result." A half century later quantum physics has been able to verify that simple Truth. Your reality is that which you set your mind upon. Regardless of which thoughts come into your Mind, it is the thoughts which you focus on that create your reality.

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    I have noticed that our 90-year old violinist makes a point to connect with these two young men. She mentors them and encourages them in their gifts. I have heard her tell them how proud she is of them. She genuinely values them. This has had a profound impact on these boys. They help her up the steps and carry her violin for her. My son even walked her to her car with an umbrella after rehearsal so she wouldn't get wet in a sudden downpour.

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    Because of security or optimization problems it is important to have good software to clean and repair your registry. Of course there are good and bad software solutions to be had, and sad to say, much of this software is useless. However your personal research will show that there are still some good products to be found to fix your computer ills.Another reason for registry repair is the fact that over time your computer registry will accumulate old data and useless information that you simply do not need. This will in time slow down your computer and make it less efficient.

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    In fact, everyone has the intuitive power but we fail to reap its benefits. We write our intuition off thinking that it's mere coincidence or we simply don't believe it's true. There are many others who get the messages but the chaos of life and lack of mental peace leave them no chance of considering their intuition.Last week my neighbour Lisa shared her story with me and she emphasized that it was an amazing coincidence until I told her what it actually was. Lisa is a professional CFA. Once day while working through papers in her office, she suddenly had a gut feeling that she should call the plumber to repair the old pipes at home.

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    They have no side effects, or if they do they are greatly reduced. Also when seeking alternative treatments there is usually a more prolonged or deeper relationship between therapist and patient depending on the therapy that is selected. More people are talking about using complementary therapy than ever before and recommendations are causing a direct increase in new patients it would seem.The term "natural medicine" is usually justified, either by natural therapeutic means (plants, food, natural elements...) things such a Bach flower remedies, homeopathy or naturopathy can fall into these criteria.

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    God has always sought to form a close relationship with People. (Exodus 19:3b-8, Jeremiah31:31-34, Isaiah54:1-10, 1st Peter1:1-10, 1st John3:1-10)In exodus 19, the Lord brought the Israelites out of slavery. As such, he has "earned the right to be heard" when He offered to enter this relationship with the Israelites in verses 5 and 6. Why did God choose Israel as His nation? It was not because Israel was perfect. In fact, He chose Israel in spite of many evil things they had said and done.

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